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Driven Home: Selected Poems.

Glasgow: Mariscat Press (1998).

Hamish Whyte of Mariscat Press co-edited the early New Writing Scotland anthologies, where some of my poems began to appear. Later we were introduced to each other by Edwin Morgan at a Saturday conference for teachers organised by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies. I was by now working in teacher education in Glasgow. Hamish was a librarian in the city’s Mitchell Library, and was also Morgan’s Scottish publisher and bibliographer.

This first collection from Mariscat had 21 poems, most of them previously published, in the Cambridge Journal of Comparative Literature, Gairfish, New Blackfriars, New Writing Scotland, Southfields, Temenos and elsewhere. The cover, designed by David Neilson, featured a sports car with stylishly feathered wings. The title poem has recently been set to music by New York composer, John Mosto. Here are six from the collection.

1. Plain Speaking

2. One Song in Winter

3. Posting

4. Urban Peasantry

5. Seeing the Light

6. Driven Home

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