james mcgonigal
Poet  •  Critic

Cloud Pibroch.

Edinburgh: Mariscat Press (2010).

This publication won the Michael Marks Poetry Pamphlet Award in 2010. With mainly four diverse short poems to a double page, its initial effect is puzzling. Like bagpipe music, it seems all accretions and grace notes. Gradually a personal and cultural landscape emerges, with flashes of natural and humorous detail, memories of journeys, weathers, a sense of violence and loss. It is hard to make out, but the uncertainties seem to draw the reader on.

Gerry Cambridge’s design and Kenny Whyte’s cover image make a positive impact. Cloud Pibroch is now almost out of print, but below are a dozen poems from near the start.

1. The Trail

2. The Elgin Marvels

3. Distance

4. Lost Ground

5. The Prize

6. Understudy

7. Sestet

8. The African Sun

9. Time of Fever

10. Year of the Wave

11. The Wall

12. Father and Sons

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